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Reason 1: Feigh death card machine.
1. Don’t install various so-called simplified and optimized versions of win7, as long as the hardware is a primary dual-core processor and 1GB of memory or more;
2. Use optimization software in moderation, it is recommended to use optimization software to set some system auxiliary functions, and core system settings should not be change easily;
3. Overclocking may also cause such problem. Try to reduce the frequency of the external frequency and memory, or do not overclock for the time being to see if the problem can be solved.

Reason 2: Fake death indefinitely and inexplicably.

1. Mainly update the drivers of graphics cards, motherboards and network cards. Use the drivers of the test version with caution, it is best to install the WHQL driver that has passed the Microsoft certification;
2. This may be due to the power management plan settings. The default power management plan includes power saving, balance, and high performance. In the power management plan, the hard disk is set to shut down after a certain period of time, just set the time in there to 0.

Reason 3: Opening a folder with lots of thumbnails crashes.
1. Open any folder, change the “View” in the upper right corner to “Small Icon”, then click “Organize” and select “Folder and Search Options”;
2. Then in the “View” setting, check the box in front of “Always show icons, never show thumbnails”.

Reason 4: Right-click the partition drive letter to stop responding.
1. [Shift + Right Click] and click “Explorer”, click “Properties” in the right-click menu;
2. Then enter %windir%explorer.exe in the “Shortcut-target”, that is relocate to the system default “Library” to solve the problem.

Reason 5: Crash while copying files.
You can close the file thumbnail before copying, and then attach some shortcuts to the “Start” menu, then remove the shortcuts attached to the “Start” menu, and then copy and paste, which may solve the problem.