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Method 1:
1. Open any office application and create a new document;
2. Go to “File” and open “Account” (if you open Outlook, go to “Office Account”);
3. Under “Product Information”, select “Update Options” and click “Update now” (If you cannot see the “Update Now” option immediately, you may need to click “Start Update” first);
4. After Office finishes checking and updating, close the “Already the latest version!” window, or use the “Update Options” button to “Disable Updates” or “View Updates” to view previously installed updates.

Method 2:
1. If the “Update Option” is missing and there is only the “About” button, it means you have a volume license installation or company is using “Group Policy” to manage office updates, please try Microsoft Update or contact the company’s technical support;
2. If you want to update the office, but cannot open any office applications, please try to repair the office package:
- Open “Control Panel”, click “Programs”, find “Uninstall a program”;
- Find and select your Microsoft Office version on your computer, click “Change” in the upper bar;
- Select “Quick Repair” and click “Repair”. If it does not work, please repeat the above steps, but select “Online Repair” instead. If you still cannot open any apps, please uninstall and reinstall the office.

Method 3:
1. Exit all Office apps, enter “Microsoft Store” in the taskbar search and press [Enter] to open the Microsoft Store app;
2. Click the “Personal” icon and make sure that you have logged in and associated the Microsoft account with the office license;
3. Click the “More” icon and select “Download and Update”;
4. Click “Get Updates”. If you receive the message “It can be used normally” after click “Get Updates”, it means you do not need to install any new updates.

Note: The premise of using method three is that you are using office in the Microsoft Store.