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For our products are all digital, if your order have already been deliveried, and you dont want the game any more, the products key must have not been redeemed, since the product key can be redeemed only once!

So if the keys have been redeemed, MMORC.COM has the right to refuse refund, since the purchased service has been provided as agreed. Hope you can understand it.

If your orders have not been delivered, cancellation and refund is ok at any time. You just need to contact MMORC.COM by Email: [email protected]  or Live Chat, we will help you get full refund.

Other possible for return may be faulty products such as invalid or already redeemed game keys. This must be reported to MMORC.COM within 7 days after receiving the delivery.  And MMORC.COM may ask customers to provide proofs about the problem.

MMORC.COM have right to refuse to refund payments when game cd keys are reported as being redeemed already after the given time of 7 days after the delivery.

If customer pre-ordered a game, and the key haven't been sent, he can ask for refund anytime before the delivery.

If the game key cannot be redeemed as usual, we will make a full refund ,or sent a new key to replace.

Partial refund only happens:
When customer bought 2 + games in one order, and if he asks refund for part of the games in this order,he will get partially refund of this order.

Please note:

If customer cancelled the order, we will pay for all the payments we have received from you, we will try to use the same payment method you used in the original transaction, unless the payment service does not offer a direct way of refunding a payment, in which case we will contact you to get information how we can refund the payment in other ways.

And for it's a Digital game code, you may need to wait some days to get the refund until we sell it.