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Windows10 boot prompt login name or password error how to do?
1. Select any account in Win10 and enter your password, open the main page entry the operating system;
2. Use the Win + R shortcut to open the Run window and enter NetPlwiz and click OK;
3. Open the “User Account” setting window, check “To use this computer, the user must enter the username and password”, click APP;
4. Finally, uncheck, turn off the settings window, and wait for the system again to return to the normal state.

Windows10 built-in applications uninstalled the how to restore?
1. First, enter “PowerShell” in the search box, right-click “Run as administrator‘’ in the  first search result in the pop-up Next;
2. Copy Paste Enter the following command character and Enter:
3. After the command is completed, restart the computer.

How to create a Windows10 system restore point?
1. Desktop Right-click  Open [New-Shortcut] option;
2. Copy the following command character to the “Object Location”, click Next:
    cmd.exe /k "Wmic.exe /Namespace:\rootdefault Path SystemRestore Call CreateRestorePoint "%DATE%", 100, 7"
3. Any naming this shortcut to click Complete;
4. Select this shortcut to right-click Properties, open the entry Shortcut option, click Advanced-Senior Administrator to Run-OK.

Windows10 New Folder stuck how to do?
1. Open Enter File Explorer, then click File-Change Folder and Search Options;
2. In the Privacy setting option, click Clear.

Windows10 cannot recognize USB devices how to solve?
Method One:
Open the input control, click Device Manager to find your own device in the list, right click Uninstall, then unplug the USB device and reconnect the computer.
Method Two:
Open the control panel, click Device Manager, select the device name in the General Serial Bus Controller list and right-click Uninstall, and then use the device in this list, and finally restart the computer.
Method Three:
Open Control click Power Option, and click “Change Plan Settings” next to this power plan, and then click “Change Advanced Power Settings”. (Note: Expand the USB setting list and set the “USB Selective Pause Set” to “Disable” status, click “OK”)