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Win10 blue screen without wrong code and files, prompt CRITICAL-STRUCTURE-CORRUPTION.
1. If the computer is unstable, blue screen restarts, etc. before installing Win10, please check whether the memory motherboard is abnormal.
2. Check whether the source of the Win10 installation disk is safe, whether it is downloaded from the official website, and whether it is streamlined;
3. Check the operating environment before the blue screen, whether there is any specific software running. If so, please pause first and observe if there is a blue screen;
4. After installing the Win10 system, is there a blue screen without installing any software. If not, please uninstall the software on the computer to eliminate software conflicts;
5. If troubleshooting is not possible, then it is recommended to analyze the Dump file (Win10 method to obtain the dump log file), and make judgments after viewing the detailed information;
6. Reset the Win10 system to see if the fault persists.

After upgrading Win10, you can enter the desktop normally, but after a while, the system will have a blue screen or unlimited restart.
Solution1: Enter safe mode and disable the discrete graphics driver.
1. Long press the power button to turn off, and then turn on again, repeat this step 1~3 times to confirm whether the “repair” interface appears on the screen, if so, click on “advanced repair options”;
2. Click to enter “Troubleshooting”, click “Startup Settings” of “Advanced Options”, and click “Restart”;
3. After the system restarts, press the number 4 corresponding to the “safe mode” to enter the safe mode, then press the shortcut key Win+X, and click Device Manager;
4. Find "Display Adapter" and expand it, right-click "Discrete Graphics AMD" or "Nvidia" and select Disable, then restart the computer;
5. If the problem still cannot be solved, force shutdown three times during startup to enter WinRE, select "Advanced startup" option, and start to low-resolution mode.

Solution2: Internet banking drivers are prohibited.
Enter the safe mode, try to check if there is PECKP, sys driver under C:windowssystem32drivers. If there is such a program, please restart the computer after renaming.

Solution3: Enter the motherboard BIOS to turn off secure boot.
1. Restart the computer and press the "Del" key in the lower right corner of the keyboard to enter. The notebook usually enters by F2;
2. Find the Secure Boot option in the Security navigation folder, press the keyboard's up and down keys to select Disabled to turn off Secure Boot, select and press Enter, then press F10 and press Enter key Confirm to save the BIOS configuration.

After upgrading win10, there is always a blue screen and constant restarting, resulting in the inability to use the new system.
Solution: You can update the graphics card driver. But there is no new driver available for the graphics card. If you are a dual graphics card model, you can temporarily disable the discrete graphics card or temporarily uninstall the graphics card driver to test whether the system will continue to appear blue screen phenomenon.

Note: There is also a very simple way to solve the blue screen, which is to open the dialog box in the lower right corner of the computer, select All Settings and click to enter, then find Update and Security to enter, select Troubleshooting on the left to open, Find the Blue Screen option on the right, click to enter, run the troubleshooter, and then follow the prompts to repair it.