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Method 1: Chose the last correct configuration.
1. When turning on the computer, press the F8 key on the keyboard quickly and frequently to bring up the “Advanced Boot Options” menu;
2. If you can enter the system normally, the boot animation interface will start. If the boot is successful, we only need to delete the “spoon.sys” file;
3. Open “Explorer”, find the path in turn: X:\windows\system32\drivers\spoon.sys (X disk refers to the installed system disk, usually C disk), select the “spoon.sys” file, press [Delete] key to delete.

Method 2: Choose safe mode with command prompt.
1. If the first method cannot pass, you can try to the “Safe Mode with Command Prompt” option;
2. At this time, the system is loading, when entering the system, you can enter the commands for processing;
3. When the CMD command interface pops up, enter the commmand: delX:\windows\system32\drivers\spoon.sys, or you can delete spoon.sys file.

Method 3: Reinstall the system.
If neither of the above two methods can be repaired, then the system can only be reinstalled. But before reinstalling the system, it is recommended to use the PE system to back up the C drive data, and then reinstall the system.

Note: Be sure to pay attention to whether the deleted .sys file is correct. It is possible that the deletion of the wrong file may cause the system to fail to load and cause more serious consequences.