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1. First check which disk the program you want to open is on, then select the disk, right-click to open its "Properties" window;

2. After entering the "Properties" window, in the "Security" tab interface, select your own account in the "Group and Username" list box, usually "Administrator + Computer Name";

3. In the "Edit" window, also select your own account, check all the permissions in the permission list below and confirm, and then try to open the software;

4. If you still cannot open the software, click the Advanced button in the "Security" tab interface, select the "Owner" tab, and then click "Edit";

5. Open the "Change owner to" list box, and select your own account, then check "Replace owner of subcontainers and objects" and click "OK". After the replacement is complete, you will have full administrative rights. All programs can be opened.