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1. Make a boot disk with a U disk. After compressing the driver installation package, place the entire folder in the root directory of the system installation U disk, and then load the driver when selecting the hard disk to install the system. Select the corresponding driver according to the number of bits of the system and the actual situation. When selecting the hard disk for installation, select "Load Driver";

2. The "Load Driver" page pops up, select "Browse". Find the file directory where the Raid driver is stored, the default file name is "f6flpy-x86" or "f6flpy-x64", select the file according to the number of system bits, and then confirm;

3. Then the system will detect the Raid mode driver. After clicking Next, a reading bar will appear and start to load the driver;

4. After the load is successful, it will jump back to the interface of selecting the hard disk before. At this time, the solid state hard disk in the machine can be displayed normally, and the system can be installed normally;

5. If you feel troublesome or cannot find the driver, you can enter the BIOS interface of the computer before installing the system, select the Configuration page, and then change the Intel RST Premium in the SATA Controller Mode option to AHCI. After modifying, press F10 to save, select Yes to save and exit. After booting into the installation system interface, you can find the solid state drive normally and reinstall the system.