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How to safely delete:
Click [Start] to find and open the [Settings] interface, enter [System], select "Notifications and Actions" in the list on the left, and then click on the right "Select which icons to display on the taskbar" to open the windows explorer (That is, safely remove the hardware and delete the media) Open the setting and it's ok.

How to delete:
1. Download the DBAN (Darik’s Boot And Nuke) software and the ISO version of the file, burn a CD to boot directly, and you can view the interface after booting. The button F2 is the description of the software, F3 is the command to display the software, and F4 is to view the open source declaration;
2. Enter the autonuke command directly in "boot". This command is in automatic mode without intervention, but the speed is slower, and then press the enter key to enter the user interaction mode;
3. In the options, Prng is the random data generation method, Method is the data destruction mode, and Rounds is the number of loop overwrites. Most of the bottom options can be selected by default;
4. Delete the hardware resource and press the M key to enter the data destruction mode setting, select the "Quick Erase" option and confirm, then press F10 to start execution. But you need to wait for a while until 100% of the data is destroyed.

Note: If you find it troublesome to use the software, it is recommended to use the "initialize the computer" function, or choose the more extreme but effective "completely destroy the hard drive" method.