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1. A ladder to watch Netflix;
2. Credit cards that support overseas payments (Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, discover), Paypal or Gift card;
3. If you have not applied for a physical credit card such as Visa, you can purchase a virtual credit card, such as: Global Express Virtual Credit Card.

The registration tutorial is as follows (take the PC side as an example, other Android, etc. are the same):
1. Open the Netflix official website (the official website where the user is located);
2. Fill in the registered email address;
3. Open the next Interface and click [to learn about various solutions];
4. There will be some options in the next interface, there are basic, standard, advanced three options, choose according to your needs. The three monthly fees are different, and the services provided are also different. After selecting, click [Continue];
5. Complete account settings and click [Continue];
6. Fill in your email and registration password in the account creation, click [Continue];
7. Choose the payment method you need and click to enter;
8. After the top-up is successful, the Create Profile will appear, and the registration is now complete (if the payment method is a gift card, enter the gift card code and redeem the gift code).

Note: Choosing Netflix supports up to 5 family members to create their own profiles, and each person’s viewing history and preferences are completely separated. However, if the IP is detected as a proxy blacklist or a non-native IP is not unlocked during the registration process, it will prompt that the video cannot be watched.