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1. Open Office, and click [Activate] in the prompt window, enter the product key on the back of the computer, and click [Continue];

2. Confirm whether the computer is connected to the Internet, and you can open the page and click [Online Redeem];

3. After the prompt "The installer is installing the necessary files on your system, please wait", the IE will automatically open and the link will go to the relevant Microsoft page;

4. After logging in to your account, select your country, language and other relevant information, and click [Continue] to start the installation and download;

5. At this time, the office is installed in the background, and the relevant settings of the office are performed;

6. After all the settings are completed, the interface will display the prompt "All processing has been completed, you can go offline if necessary", click [Complete all], and then click [Use] to complete the activation.