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Tricky Towers Steam Digital Code Global

Tricky Towers Steam Digital Code Global

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Product Description

Tricky Towers is a game developed by Dutch studio WeirdBeard, also known for creating 99 Bricks Wizard Academy. TT (Tricky Towers) has been hailed as an inheritor to the legendary Tetris game. The game is based on the rules of the iconic title but its mechanics have obviously been enhanced to keep up with the zeitgeist. In TT the player becomes a wizard whose goal is to create a tower from randomly generated blocks and prevent it from falling down for as long as it is possible.

Tricky gameplay mechanics of Tricky Towers
Like it was already mentioned, TT is a modern version of cult Tetris. However, in Tricky Towers, the blocks don't disappear but they create the construction, which is constantly getting higher and higher. The game is highly dependent on the laws of physics and you have to think fast! Otherwise, your magnificent creation will doubtlessly fall apart.

Different game modes!
Tricky Towers is focused mainly on multiplayer mode. During the gameplay, players can use various spells to boost their towers or to annoy opponents. The game offers three different game modes:

Race: Do everything you can to be quicker than your opponents!
Survival: Use a restricted number of blocks before other players!
Puzzle: Use as many blocks as possible before your tower reaches the height limit!
Players who prefer solo gameplay will surely find something for them too! Developers have prepared 50 levels designed for a single player!

Key features
Competitive multiplayer game modes!
Exciting, physics-based gameplay!
17 different spells to spice things up!
Numerous challenges for single player mode!
Gather your friends and test your skills in local multiplayer mode!