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Trails Of Gold Privateers Steam Digital Code Global

Trails Of Gold Privateers Steam Digital Code Global

Note: This is the initial version of the original product, not a gift pack or expansion pack, and is suitable for Windows 10.
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Product Description

Fight against the ghost ship trying to sink your ship and steal your victories. Use your weapons (guns and canons) with dexterity. Neutralize and take down obstacles like turrets, lava peaks, Carnivor plants, flying critters, inhabiting the seas & swamps of TOG Privateers. Collect items (life, protective shields, golden skulls) to make your way to victory. Hoist the sail to accelerate, or pump water from your ship when it is sunk by your opponents. Explore, fight, dive in the adventure through 6 worlds.

Trials Of Gold Privateers is a single player VR game ready for everyone. 6 Characters' skins to play with and embody. Enjoy the sights from many points of views on the boat. Movement is using Teleportation to make sure everyone feels ok and the game is easy to handle. Controls are easy with only two buttons to let you focus on fun! No headaches with complex buttons system.

Enjoy the rides on the seas with no motion sickness! Available in French and in English. Awake the Corsair in you!