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The Tribulation Entanglement Steam Digital Code Global

The Tribulation Entanglement Steam Digital Code Global

Note: This is the initial release of the original product, not a gift or extension package, for Windows 7.
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Product Description

An extinction event rendered a life-bearing planet to still silence. Millennia later, deep beneath the planet's surface something is stirring....

Born into a nightmarish fever dream, the Entangled One must fight its way through diverse, visually striking environments from a blasted wasteland beneath an eternal eclipse, to mutant filled crevices, and the putrid guts of the underworld. Motivated by survival. Pulled ever forward by something beyond understanding. The Entangled One must slay the godlike Primordials to reach the source of it all: The Primordial Mass....

- Experience a strange horrific world unlike any other.
- Overcome levels filled with challenging combat and platforming.
- 25+ insane enemy types to engage in combat.
- Use sub-attacks to augment your playstyle.
- Collect Primordial Hearts to expand your HP and SP bar.
- Unlock a secret Hard Mode based on an early game choice (killing a certain friendly monster deactivates HP and SP upgrades). Choices have consequences!
- Normal difficulty focuses on exploration. Hard mode focuses on precision and skill. Two distinct gameplay focuses for added replay value!