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The Tribe Game Steam Digital Code Global

The Tribe Game Steam Digital Code Global

Note: This is the initial version of the original product, not a gift package or an extension package, for 64-bit Windows 7 or later and macOS.
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Product Description

Interact with a large cast of Characters and Tribes!
Fate will make your character cross paths with many other survivors who are struggling to create a new world, including some familiar faces to those who have watched The Tribe TV series. For those new to The Tribe, your character will quickly discover who are the other protagonists of this world. Some will be friendly, some will be hostile, some in need, while others threaten the future of the already fragile world.

Explore a Post-Apocalyptic World
Travel through lots of contrasting, atmospheric locations... From the ghostly deserted Sectors of the city, to the suburbs... beyond the city to the woods and forests, to the beaches and coast... You will also need to go inside abandoned (or inhabited?) shops and buildings, including a large shopping mall...

Choose Your Own Look, Create Your Custom Character
Put yourself in the picture and make your character look like you, or somebody completely different from your imagination, using the customisable character creator. Choose from a range of combinations to select your own appearance, including hair styles, make up and markings, as well as costumes. It is also possible to completely change your look at regular points during the game as the story unfolds.

Profession Skills to Level and Items to be made or found
Level up your profession skills. Grow produce with your Farming skill. Find ingredients for recipes to create food and drink items with your Cooking skill. Use Tinkering to make items or weapons, as well as things you may need to trade over to others, or in order to complete a quest. Go Fishing. With your Tailoring skill, craft new clothing or 'armour' to enhance your character's stats. Forage and Scavenge locations for items or resources you and your tribe might require. And always be on the look out for unexpected danger or encounters.

Quests to Complete
Sometimes you will be given Quests by others. Have you got what it takes to achieve them? Keep track of your progress using your Quest Journal.

Atmospheric and Full Soundtrack featuring original (and orchestral) music
The Tribe Game includes an ambient audible experience, with locations featuring some of the sound effects from The Tribe TV Series. The game soundtrack also includes musical themes adapted for the game from the television series, some of it a full orchestral score performed by the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra.

Opening Cinematic
Before creating your character, a cinematic cut scene movie can be played, featuring animation and narration from actress Beth Allen.