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The Marson Home Steam Digital Code Global

The Marson Home Steam Digital Code Global

Note: This is the initial version of the original product, not a gift pack or an extension pack, and supports Windows 10/11.
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Product Description

The townsfolk talk about the strange home known as the Marson Home. Yet the stories vary, and no formal knowledge can be found.
Professor Fredrick Evans was the last person to own and live within the building after 52 years' worth of vacancy. But since his death and his son's, no one has laid claim to the home and now it's going up for auction. But of course, the townspeople, those who have heard the stories, maybe even know the truth have risen up in protest. A group of amateur paranormal investigators have been assigned to the home in a hope to lay to rest these claims and help prompt the homes eventual sell.

After a long day of police work, you begin your drive home. Of course, unexpectedly you are driven off the road, barely surviving a huge fall.
You stumble you're way through the forest to find an old home, the infamous Marson Home.

The Marson Home is a single player, mystery-thriller/horror.
Explore this two-story home filled with details and history, and even a few secret areas.
As the player, you can pick up, examine, and even collect items like batteries to help your search the home.
Locate notes and letters that tell the story of what has happened here.
Locate the keys necessary to open doors, but what keys go to which doors is unknown.
But be wary for your being watched and whoever or whatever it is, it wants you...