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The Doors of Trithius Steam Digital Code Global

The Doors of Trithius Steam Digital Code Global

Note: This is the original product, not a gift pack or expansion pack, suitable for windows7, 8, 10 systems. Only English is supported.
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Product Description

-Customize your build with 9 weapon types and over 30 combat abilities.
-Combat uses a unique tick-based time system. Turn priority is returned to the player based on weapon or action speed.
-Numerous enemy factions with customized AI hunt, flee, and wander the dungeons found on Enalia.
-Hundreds of items including potions, armor, equipment, weapons, and magical artifacts.
-Visit town shops to sell your loot and find new items.
-Test your grit against 4 unique dungeon types.

-In The Doors of Trithius, non-combat skills such as Alchemy, Cooking, or Reading must be discovered before they can be used.
-Simply leveling up skills will not unlock everything. Players must explore the world, visit trainers, and discover for themselves how to bolster their abilities.
-Each skill has a passive bonus, along with numerous lessons that can be learned unlocking new bonuses and abilities.
-Currently there are 7 non-combat skills in the game, with more to come as we continue development.

Though we are in pre-alpha the game is very playable with around 12-16 hours required to beat the game. Join us as we continue to add content and extend the world of Enalia. We are excited to hear your feedback, especially from those of you passionate for the Roguelike genre!