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The D-T.E.A.M. Steam Digital Code Global

The D-T.E.A.M. Steam Digital Code Global

Note: This is the initial version of the original product, not a gift pack or an extension pack, for Windows 8 or newer.
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Product Description

Scout tank pilots Leeorn and Jimkins have been sent far away from their forces because they angered high command. While travelling in the disputed lands, they come across a new enemy mining facility harvesting energy crystals that power their mechanics, as well as that sweet sweet gold. Rather than waiting for reinforcements, they charge in to reclaim their honor. As the two dwarves say, "FOR GOLD AND GLORY!"

- Moving elements such as double-jump and speed-boost.
- Tank based combat.
- Item pick-ups: Collectibles, shields, health, weapon power-ups.
- Customized graphics and soundtrack for fun, light gameplay.
- Post-mission report card and evaluation.

Pick and choose any mission to practice at any time, and achieve top performance by avoiding taking hits and collecting all coins. Complete the missions as fast as possible for maximum points.