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Telepath Tactics Liberated Steam Digital Code Global

Telepath Tactics Liberated Steam Digital Code Global

Note: This is the initial release of the original product, not a gift or extension package, for Windows 7.
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Product Description

Ever played an SRPG and thought "Gosh, I wish I could shove enemies off cliffs"? Ever wished you could hack through trees to open up a path, build a bridge to cross water, or dunk enemies into that same water? This is the game for you!

Telepath Tactics Liberated is a strategy RPG influenced by classics like Fire Emblem Path of Radiance and Final Fantasy Tactics. Come experience a well-told tale of redemption, revenge, and liberation with challenging battles and a large cast of unique characters.

- Fling enemies into environmental hazards like traps, chasms, water, and lava!
- Destroy walls, freeze water and lay explosives, changing the face of the battlefield to your advantage!
- Create bridges to forge new routes around the battlefield; place traps and build barricades to force enemies to engage on your terms.
- Keep your army well-supplied; make hard choices about your resources both on and off the battlefield.
- Use the built-in campaign editing suite to build your own campaigns with unique characters, battles, cut scenes, items, skills, and dialogue--and download other peoples’ creations to play!