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Steel Assault Switch Digital Code Global

Steel Assault Switch Digital Code Global

Note: This is the original product, not a gift pack or expansion pack, suitable for PC.
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Product Description

Play as Taro Takahashi, a resistance soldier on a revenge mission against the dictator who lords over the ashes.

- Fast-paced 2D platforming: Dynamic, fluid sidescrolling combat with a stylish moveset and tons of enemies / bosses to fight.

- 16-bit post-apoc style: A beautifully fleshed-out sci-fi world, rendered in detailed pixel art and backed by fiery FM-synthesized tunes.

- Unique zipline action: A new twist on classic grappling-hook mechanics, opening up fun movement possibilities.

- Classic gaming experience: Beautifully hand-crafted stage-based action with optimal screen resolution for CRT gaming.