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Stardust Origins Steam Digital Code Global

Stardust Origins Steam Digital Code Global

Note: This is the initial release of the original product, not a gift pack or an extension pack, for Windows 8/10.
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Product Description

Stardust Origins is a story driven 2D topdown space adventure with RPG elements and a mining management game. You're not in space, you're on the actual planets. Trade, explore, do quests, survive, mine and fight in an expanding procedurally generated universe where each planet is unique and you'll encounter alien species, friends and foe. Find your way back home, to confront your deceitful father.

Fight pirates and aliens
Whether you will embark on being an explorer, a miner, a trader or a pirate, you will encounter hostile ships and fights are unavoidable. Use your ship and your upgrades to your advantage, protecting your life and whats precious to you.

Explore planets and star systems
As you've hurled into unknown space by your father, every system and planet is ready to be explored. Each planet is unique and offers a vast variety of lifeforms and places to visit.

Trade goods, ships and upgrades
Every planet is populated with space stations, where you can trade anything your heart desire. Ordinary items, rare artifacts and alien technology. All is up for sale. Buy new and better ships, all with numerous upgrades to suit your play style.

Build and manage mines
One of the better ways to increase your wealth is to deploy and manage planetary mines. In the hands of an effective crew, your mines will generate a lot of ore to be sold on markets.