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Sporty Games Steam Digital Code Global

Sporty Games Steam Digital Code Global

Note: This is the initial version of the original product, non-gift pack or expansion pack, suitable for Windows 10 and macOS.
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Product Description

We all know that sport is good for health, at Sporty Peppers we know that the first step is sometimes difficult, besides finding a fitness center, registering, going there can be difficult. And for our health it is necessary to make it a long-term commitment!

This is why we offer you a fun and easy-to-access solution for daily use without dedicated equipment, all with a strong social and collective aspect.

Alone, with others, or in networks to challenge each other, you become the athlete of a new sports game session, without controller or console.
Be the first to test this new concept of sports video games!

You will discover this new concept which allows you to motivate yourself to move thanks to video games broadcasted on your computer with Sporty Games and a detection of movements via your smartphone with Sporty Tracker (iPhone & Android app).

- A way to play without dedicated equipment.
- A Club you can join and compete in to be the first in the Leaderboard.
- Fast Libero: In this multiplayer game, be the fastest to win the race by dodging your opponent's holograms.