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Spire of Sorcery Steam Digital Code Global

Spire of Sorcery Steam Digital Code Global

Note: This is the initial version of the original product, not a gift pack or expansion pack, suitable for Windows 7/8/10 systems.
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Product Description

Spire of Sorcery as a turn-based party RPG where you use spellcasting, alchemy and a bit of equipment to explore the world full of dangerous encounters. Engage with creatures from the realms of life, death and chaos to help the sentient citadel mend the broken world!

-Explore the original world of Rund to discover creatures, resources and recipes.
-Cast spells, including combos, to affect opponents and trigger environmental effects.
-Concoct substances that range from curative to explosive.
-Prevail in encounters by combining the effects of spellscasting, alchemy & equipment.
-Manage your party, considering mood and personal traits of its members.
-Find new party members and increase their stats to reach their true potential.
-Taste any resource that you find to modify the looks of your party members.
-Collect resources to cook food that may taste great (or horrible).
-Expand the Spire with new rooms that offer new mechanics.
-Break into ancient barrows, dispel cursed weepers & battle infection-ridden gigglers.
-Resolve mini-adventures that pose moral choices, affecting the mood of your party.

The world is larger than just one play-through and every challenge has alternative solutions. Try and succeed – or adjust and replay!

On the western coast stretches the Empire, the last known shard of human civilization. Occasionally, a person with the talent for magic is born there. Hunted and persecuted, such people are confined to the Sanctuaries for the Corrupted. Under the watchful eye of the Inquisition, the mages are made to work for the benefit of the state.

Across the Great River from the Empire begin the Wild Lands. Once civilized, they are now roamed by predators, ghosts and demons. Dismal Marshes, Elderwood, Deceiving Plains: these lands are home to sentient non-human tribes. There is little contact and no sympathy between the Empire and these dwellers of the Wild Lands.

At the feet of the Blue Mountains, in the north of the Wild Lands, rests the Spire of Sorcery. For centuries this sentient citadel slumbered, yet now it is awakened by a dark threat coming from the east. The Spire sounds an ancient Call, summoning all mages to join its cause. Answering its bidding, dozens of mages attempt to reach the Spire, attracted by the promise of a new life with the citadel. But only three succeed in crossing the Great River…

Spire of Sorcery is created by Charlie Oscar. This is our team’s second big release. Earlier, we shipped the native digital board game Gremlins, Inc.. Working together for the last seven years, we aim to create original games that reward players with new experiences!

The game is already big enough – and deep enough – to offer 4 to 8 hours of gameplay with many ways of replaying it. We’re eager to present the game to the wider audience because our development process is based on feedback and iterations. Quite a lot of the game’s most fun features were born during community discussions!

We update the game every month with quality-of-life improvements, and once every two months with new chapters and new mechanics. In this way, you’ll regularly have new challenges to try and mechanics to sample – all the way towards the full release.

We’re looking to reach version 1.0 before the end of 2022. We're hell-bent on shipping new content and new mechanics as fast as we can, and improving the balance and the interface based on the feedback that we receive.