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SpellForce 3 Steam Digital Code Global

SpellForce 3 Steam Digital Code Global

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  • PLATFORM Steam
  • REGION Global
  • -65%
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$ 19.99$56.99

Product Description

SpellForce 3 is a RTS/RPG hybrid game that features enjoyable story, amazing multiplayer modes and open world full of interesting items and heroes.

Follow the events that led to the tragic breakup of Eo continent and fight against dangerous enemies. Stop the actions of threatening fraction named Arcane to restore balance and peace forever. SpellForce 3 action takes place five hundred years before the story known from the first part of the series. Dive into rich and captivating tale and discover dark secrets hidden by The Circle - an association of thirteen most powerful magicians of all races. Take many demanding quests and find specific loot that triggers some extra adventures.