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Skautfold: Knight's End Steam Digital Code Global

Skautfold: Knight's End Steam Digital Code Global

Note: This is the initial version of the original product, not a gift pack or expansion pack, suitable for Windows 7 or newer.
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Product Description

 Knight's End features a unique combat system, focusing on the usage of 'Guard' as both a defensive barrier, and a resource used for attacks. This is the evolution of the systems present in Usurper and Moonless Knight. Battles take place on a timeline, instead of flat combat turns; actions have different guard costs, cast times, and cooldowns, which all help determine the flow of the battle.

Active defensive play will allow you to block, evade, ward, or parry incoming attacks. Using the right type of defensive action with the right timing will drastically reduce or even outright negate damage; all whilst building your combo chain.

Exploit the enemy's shifting weaknesses - as they use one of 3 defensive stances, use the right type of attack to drastically increase your damage and gain a combo chain. Each of your attacks will inflict some kind of status effect, allowing you to weaken your enemy, or exploiting applied statuses to create further effects. Spend your combo chain for devastating attacks; the bigger the combo chain, the greater the impact!

In the final days of humanity, you take up arms as Lennecia Britannia, the First Knight of the Angelic Empire of Britannia. The Moon has opened up, revealing the Eldritch horror within. Chunks of the shattered Moon are on a collision course with Earth, threatening to cleanse all life from the surface. As the preparations finish for an Ark-like escape from the doomed world, Len sets out on a more personal mission to save a person dear to her.

Explore the Waltham Industries Vitae production factory. A deepening mystery below begins to unfold, as you uncover the history of the most notorious figure in the series, Alfred Waltham. As the end draws near, you will help him fulfill his final scheme...

Grow your arsenal of weapons, spells, and occult items, as well as your own power; as you face down the creatures, experiments and rejects roaming the facility in the depths of the factory.