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Self-Delusion Steam Digital Code Global

Self-Delusion Steam Digital Code Global

Note: This is the initial version of the original product, not a gift package or an expansion package, and supports 64-bit Windows 7/10.
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Product Description

Self-Delusion is a first-person survival horror. The game based on an original setting of grim fairy tales and myths. You will face evil creatures such as: Kolobok, Leshy, Boggart, Lapot and other mystical characters.
The danger will await you everywhere: in a mystery house full of evil creatures, in an old school or in an abandoned village.

Horror in the original setting
Monsters unique to the horror genre, only found in fairytales and folklore up 'til now.

Opponents with unique abilities and behavior pattern
Find your survival strategy based on the behavior of the monsters and the environment.

Tense atmosphere complete with jump scares and heart hammering races to beat the clock.

Explore a strange village house and other locations. Can you uncover the secrets of these places?

Different endings
Alternate endings that shed new insight on the story and add hours of re-playability.

An enthralling storyline that will leave you gasping in shock and on the edge of your seat.

Choose the game difficulty that suits you best, depending on your skills.