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Rockstar Life Steam Digital Code Global

Rockstar Life Steam Digital Code Global

Note: This is the initial release of the original product, not a gift or extension package, for Windows 7.
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Product Description

Start as a wannabe Rockstar in a basement flat and work your way up to becoming the most successful Rockstar.You don't get to decide your band members, but still you have to deal with problems caused by them. You don't get to choose the genre of Rock Music you want to perform, but you still have to deal with fans who don't think the sponsor you got fit your style.
Yes, life is unfair, but the road to becoming a Rockstar is even more unfair and random.

Decide where, which concert halls, how long and go on a tour. Earn popularity and money depending onthe tour setup.
Maybe some bigger band (for now) will offer you a support tour with them so you can become more popular, faster. Let's just hope that the tour doesn't end abruptly after an unlucky accident...

Write songs and wait for the right moment to record and release them.You don't like the song you've written? Maybe some other band will, so you can sell it to them.
Did you always want to write a song and give it the name of your dog? Now it’s possible!

Choose songs, the studio you are going to record at and how many copies you are going to make.Deal with the opinions of your record label or your band mates during a recording.
Will you self publish or are you gonna wait for the right record label to make you an offer you can't refuse before getting into the studio to record your magic?
Release your recording and don't forget to check the TOP 100 list to see if you’ve reached the top.

Decide on what to do in random events; the drugs you take, the groupies you diss, another band you respond to or a friend you choose to help, these things will all affect the outcome of your life as a Rockstar.Maybe taking drugs is not that bad after all, you’re a Rockstar after all, or will the moral values passed on to you from your parents be the compass to stardom? Up to you. (and a bit to the RNG)

Manage your health and other skills to get the best out of every action you are taking. Practice, check yourself into rehab or go on vacation. After several play throughs you will master the choices presented to you and start writing better songs, have better gigs and maybe reach the peak of your career.