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Rising Storm 2: Vietnam Steam Digital Code Global

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam Steam Digital Code Global

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  • PLATFORM Steam
  • REGION Global
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Product Description

Regardless whether you will choose the United States Military or the famous Vietnamese resistance fighters, Rising Storm 2: Vietnam features a fantastic gameplay, which engages for long hours. Impersonate one of the infantry roles or join the marines, fighting either for the U.S. or the guerrilla forces of North Vietnam – NVA and Viet Cong respectively. The title focuses on a large-scale teamwork with realistic mechanics and combat.

Explore era-specific weapons, such as a range of automatic and semi-automatic rifles, artillery, flamethrowers or massive machine guns. Develop aircraft steering skills, controlling one of the airborne vehicles, such as various attack, reconnaissance and transport helicopters. Of course don’t forget to set up your character. Additional uniforms and equipment earned during the play, including new headgear, clothing, tattoos, glasses and others will help you create your perfect alter ego.