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Ride 3 Steam Digital Code Global

Ride 3 Steam Digital Code Global

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  • PLATFORM Steam
  • REGION Global
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$ 56.99$56.99

Product Description

Bandai Namco joined forces once again with driving experts from Milestone to produce the third instalment of the Ride series. Get ready to face the best motorcycle-riding experience with Ride 3 ! Enjoy the new graphics engine and the gameplay novelties. Feel the circuits realism as some of them have been designed from a real layout thanks to the use of drones equipped with Scanning 3D technology!

Ride 3 features more than 230 models of motorcycles available from the beginning of your adventure. The third instalment of the series comes ready to surpass the previous one in all its contents. Compete in the middle of the city, drive at night, and discover numerous breathtaking environments. The game also features a sophisticated multiplayer mode with 30 circuits available. Career mode will provide you with some great story and challenges to complete. Appreciate freedom filled with hours of entertainment.