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Reverse Defenders Steam Digital Code Global

Reverse Defenders Steam Digital Code Global

Note: This is the initial version of the original product, not a gift package or an extension package, for 64-bit Windows 7/8/10.
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Product Description

How you prepare your defenses is key to victory in this game. Pair your unit's skills and abilities with items well to turn the tide of battle in your favor.You'll need to know your stuff because the timeline of the world is ever-shifting.

Flipsides Bring Potential:
In this game, each unit in your defense lineup can have different classes on the front and back "side" of them. Reverse Defenders brings near limitless possibilities to explore since each front class will be affected by a unit's Flipside class and vice versa. Get in the zone and create brilliant real-time combinations by flipping your units to beat back the hordes of monsters.

Strategize and Prepare:
On each run, the world resets which gives you ample opportunities to try out different rewards from overworld chests. Finding out which ones you like with every subsequent playthrough is part of the fun.

Satisfying Challenges:
Every stage has a solution, but sometimes it might not come to you the first time around. There's nothing quite as satisfying as tweaking your defense strategy till you get things just right.

Timing is Everything:
Each unit needs to be switched between Meditation and Attack modes. Things can get pretty hairy when trying to maximize Meditation gains because you don't want to let enemies get past and wreck your life total. Timing everything to a T will give you a real thrill.

Experience Exciting Gameplay:
Brute forcing your way through with the same strategy just won't work. Each stage delivers new and interesting challenges. Never a dull moment with the stage variety on offer in Reverse Defenders.

A Flipping FUN Game:
Reverse Defenders is designed to be as unobtrusive to repeated playthroughs as possible. It is a game, after all, so we made it a breeze to pick up and retry as many times as you like.

Brainbusting Challenges:
Reverse Defenders will flip your lid and push the boundaries of how you approach situations. After all, mindfully reflecting on failures is an important part of learning. Reverse Defenders is for all ages. It's a game that gets your brain thinking! Don't flip a coin! Give this game a shot.