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Realms of Magic Steam Digital Code Global

Realms of Magic Steam Digital Code Global

Note: This is the initial version of the original product, not a gift package or an extension package, and supports Windows 7 or newer.
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Product Description

Realms of Magic is a fusion of classic, old-school game mechanics (such as crafting, talent trees, quests) presented in a modern, open-world structure. This 2D Action RPG transports you to the universe known as The Old Kingdom – a high fantasy setting filled to the brim with quests to complete, characters to meet, and monsters to beat.

Live your life in the Old Kingdom and write your own story. Create a character, choose one of many available races (such as humans, dwarfs, wild elves, or orcs) and show the world what you got! You can strive to become the most powerful knight or the best pyromancer. You can even try to make your playstyle more unique by combining many different techniques (Mixing fire and ice spells? Yep, sounds like a plan!).

You can also lead a quieter, more laid-back life focused on woodcutting, planting vegetables, and trading with the locals. With time, you might be remembered as this inspiring self-made man who built a house, created an agricultural business, and enjoyed a little bit of leatherworking on the side (as a hobby). Oh, and also cooked some killer onion rings!

The Old Kingdom is not a peaceful place. On the contrary, this world is inhabited by hundreds of various creatures that think about killing you. This is especially true when visiting the dungeons – these places are not for the faint of heart! However, you are far from powerless against the evils of this world. You have a whole arsenal of weapons, armors, spells, or traps at your disposal. Develop your skill tree (Have we mentioned that there are 7 of them for you to pick from?), choose the most suitable approach, and create your very own tactic.

Become an ax-wielding, ice spike blasting machine that action rolls straight at the biggest guy in the group or focus your skills on necromancy and let your skeleton army do the job… when you sit back and rub your hands… in a rather dastardly manner.

Crafting and building are essential components of Realms of Magic. These are the basic tools that will help you take this world head-on. There are 16 professions in the game (e.g., farming, alchemy, tailoring). All of them will help you reinvent your character and set your priorities. They might also prove to be vital in ensuring your survival during the roughest of days.

These professions are your go-to stats when thinking about creating and managing your own keep. But even the most battle-hardened, wayfaring adventurers might want to take some time to learn how to mine or cook. Rich ores could prove to be a suitable source of income while on the road, and that onion rings recipe might save your life one day.

Realms of Magic is also a narratively driven experience. The Old Kingdom, with all of its races and characters, has a very rich written history. There are volumes upon volumes of books for you to find. And they aren’t just about spells and history. Some of them are for pure entertainment and will allow you to lose yourself in the amazing adventures of two witch hunters - Hansel and Ritter. Who knows… you might even meet them during your journeys!

Your adventure will also have a grand purpose. During your travels, you will find many diverse communities. Some of them might be hostile, and some of them might perceive you as their savior – a brave outlander capable of protecting them from all manners of beasts, bandits, or monsters. But watch out… because some of the biggest threats… are just on the horizon… ready to destroy the beautiful capital city of the Old Kingdom.