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Really Another True Steam Digital Code Global

Really Another True Steam Digital Code Global

Note: This is the initial version of the original product, not a gift or expansion pack, for 64-bit Windows 7.
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Product Description

A strange story happened in one state of America. All the residents disappeared in the small residential complex. A silence reigned for many years. The building was abandoned and no one lived in it anymore.

It's been 31 years. The protagonist, named Adriano Gutierrez, arrives there alone. He believes there are survivors left. Behind the gates the mystique began.

Really Another True is a survival horror. Discover a dark, silent world where evil monsters are roaming.

- Realistic graphics in black and white tones.
- User-friendly. Comfortable player control and extensive option settings.
- No weapons. The only weapon is not to get the attention of monsters. Use cover or running to avoid getting killed.
- A fascinating story that will not leave you indifferent.