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RC Airplane Challenge Steam Digital Code Global

RC Airplane Challenge Steam Digital Code Global

Note: This is the initial version of the original product, not a gift pack or expansion pack, applicable to Windows 7.
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Product Description

- Free Flight: fly casually around the map while practicing your RC skills as well as looking for hidden items.
- Bomb Drop: Destroy as many targets as you can in this timed mode.
- Rings: Try to fly through as many rings as you can with each new ring becoming increasingly harder to hit.
- Balloon Pop: Pop as many balloons as you can in this timed mode.
- Time Trial: Complete the course as quick as you can in this race against time.

Supports game controllers, keyboard & mouse, T.Flight HOTAS (w/ rudder pedals) and standard VR controllers.

Online gameplay is currently in development and only features FFA gameplay at the moment. The current modes are currently planned but may change:
- TDM: Team based dogfighting.
- Base Mode: Destroy the enemy base.
- Balloon Pop: Pop all of the enemy balloons before they pop yours.