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Oppcium Steam Digital Code Global

Oppcium Steam Digital Code Global

Note: This is the initial version of the original product, not a gift pack or expansion pack, suitable for 64-bit Windows 10.
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Product Description

Oppcium is a survival horror game where you play as Melissa Winston as she investigates a government facility. Stealth is a core mechanic, together with exploration, puzzle-solving, and resource management.

Explore and investigate the vast area that covers the perimeter of the futuristic facility. Scour for resources and fabricate tools out of blueprints that will further aid you with the investigation.

Work together with Sabine, a cybernetic organism tasked to aid you in uncovering the crisis that left the whole facility silent.

Delve deep into the corridors of S02/47-B and avoid the ever-expanding threat that lurks around the corners.

Get immersed in a True FPS experience and try to make the best out of an unpredictable situation.