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Nienix: Cosmic Warfare Steam Digital Code Global

Nienix: Cosmic Warfare Steam Digital Code Global

Note: This is the initial release of the original product, not a bonus or expansion pack, for 64-bit Windows 7, macOS and SteamOS.
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Product Description

Embark on an epic voyage in search of the mythical artifact Nienix through galaxies in conflict. Be prepared for an action-packed experience! As the Nienix is believed to possess an incredible power, it is sought by every faction in the known universe.

Skill-based combat
Physics-based bullet hell combat and action role playing game progression. Prepare for deadly challenges that require both good gear and mastery of controls!

Endless customizations
Shape your character to fit your playstyle! Discover hundreds of unique items and abilities. Then mod them to suit your needs!

Online COOP and PvP
Nienix supports online COOP (campaign) for 2-6 players and online PvP for 1-40 players (deathmatch and team-based combat).

A procedural universe
The universe in Nienix is carefully procedurally created to make sure each playsession is fun and no two playsessions are the same!

Brutal end-game
Complete the 10+ hour campaign to unlock the Continuum difficulty. In addition to introducing new enemies, items and item modifications, Continuum also unlocks mysterious Continuum Events...