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Monster Hunter World Steam Digital Code Global

Monster Hunter World Steam Digital Code Global

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  • PLATFORM Steam
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Product Description

Monster Hunter: World for PC is an action role-playing game in which the player tracks and hunts various monsters and animals and mythical creatures using a variety of weapons. The game is played from the third person point of view.

The protagonist, the Hunter, starts off with limited supplies and a very basic weapon inventory. He or she must track animals or monsters and slay them, taking their treasure and body parts to build stronger weapons and better assets. This, in turn, means they can go after bigger and stronger prey: and so the game goes, bigger animals resulting in bigger weapons.

The loose premise of the game is to track the Elder Dragon to a new continent – this is the main story arc of the whole game. However, the side quests and learning how to craft and upgrade your weapons are highly important, so the overall story becomes mere background to all the adventures and hunts along the way.

Once the story mission is completed, the game unveils a second half to the story, one that is more challenging and therefore more fun for the player. Side quests wait in the menu to be completed when you so desire.