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Minecraft Windows 10 Microsoft Digital Code Global

Minecraft Windows 10 Microsoft Digital Code Global

On the PC. Collect various raw materials and try to survive in the infinite, randomly generated world of Minecraft Explore vast environments and craft amazing tools items Buy Minecraft Windows 10 Edition.
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  • REGION Global
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Product Description

In order to activate the product, please do the following steps:
1, Click website
2, Enter your code and click 'Next'
3, Confirm your activation by clicking 'Continue'
4, Proceed with the instruction on screen (you can find and install your game from Microsoft Store)

Build whatever you like with a variety of different blocks. Create advanced homes and objects, develop complex cities, villages, mines and even entire environments. Cut down trees, mine stone, collect grass and fight with dangerous monsters. An advanced crafting mechanism and endless resources allow you to create almost everything you can imagine. Feel the satisfaction of building your own town, animal pens, farmlands, and even an automated mushroom farm!

- Limitless options of creation: build enormous castles, villages, towns, mines and many many more!
- Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition features new, improved solutions: enjoy polished, more optimized, and smoother
- Minecraft with tons of new skins and texture packs
- Play with your friends: create your own server and build epic constructions with other players
- Connect with other players through Xbox Live
- Export & download world files
- Beautifully designed, randomly generated endless worlds