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Magic Disc Golf Steam Digital Code Global

Magic Disc Golf Steam Digital Code Global

Note: This is the initial version of the original product, not a gift pack or expansion pack, and is suitable for 64-bit Windows 10.
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Product Description

Play Disc Golf by taking control of your disc and steer it towards the basket. You will have to plan your route carefully, navigate challenging terrain and use your limited booster ability sparingly.

- Three 18-hole courses and one 6-hole tutorial/practice course.
- Up to four players playing on the same computer.
- Three disc types (Driver, Midrange and Putter) with varying range, handling, and stability.
- Challenging terrain and obstacles.
- Wind that will affect your disc’s range and handling.
- Customizable courses: select a course and then select which holes you want to play.
- Four game modes: Stroke Play, Match Play, Speed Play and Speed Match Play. In Stroke Play and Match play you need to reach the basket in as few throws as possible. In Speed Play and Speed Match Play you need to get to the basket as fast as possible.
- Disc steering. Enable disc steering and guide your disc towards the basket, or disable it for a more realistic experience.
- Disc boosting. Enable it to collect boost energy and use it to cover more ground, or leave it disabled for more challenging gameplay.
- Three time-of-day settings: Afternoon, evening and night.
- A minimap to help you plan your hole. Can be disabled for more challenging gameplay.

- Discs come equipped with flashlights (naturally).
- High score tables.
- Manuals describing the game modes and game play features in detail.