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Leave No One Behind: la Drang Steam Digital Code Global

Leave No One Behind: la Drang Steam Digital Code Global

Note: This is the initial release of the original product, not a gift pack or expansion pack, and is for Windows 10.
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Product Description

The terrain is modelled based on satellite data and historical maps with respect to playability. In the case of LZ X-Ray, it includes the proverbial terrain features which played a strategic role during the battle: ´dry creek bed´ as a main line of defense and ´termite hill´ which served as a command post of the American commander, LtCol Hal Moore. The terrain and flora respect the reality of highlands of central Vietnam where the events of the game take place: plains and hills covered by thick grass and bushes with scattered woody areas.

Artillery support
The artillery is an instrumental tool for the American infantry, and it balances the situation when American infantrymen are badly outnumbered, which is the usual case in the game. It can fire classic high-explosive, smoke, or phosphorus ammunition. The aiming of artillery is a critical ability. It takes several seconds before the grenade hits the selected location; the aiming procedure utilizes a grid with coordinates.

Air support
Bombers are yet another critical asset of support for the hard-fighting American infantrymen. In the game, they are represented by the single engine A1-Skyrider. The armament consists of napalm bombs which are appealing not only for their devastating effect on enemy infantry, but also for the stunning visuals they provide.

The game features a simple economical system where points gained by succeeding on the battlefield serve as currency for the procurement of reinforcements, equipment, artillery, and air support. If the fighting gets intense and player scores high enough headcount in short time, they can enable the option ´broken arrow´ where air support is free and unlimited.

Leave No One Behind
It is not just the game´s title but also one of the game´s mechanics. Dead and wounded soldiers are collected by stretchers and should be airlifted by helicopters back to base. If the player ignores this principle, they will suffer a penalization in point gain. Dead or alive, all American soldiers should return home!

A remark on historical accuracy
The game is inspired by the true events of the Vietnam War and employs many principles and mechanics based on real combat tactics. The game was developed with respect to bravery and sacrifice of soldiers who fought on both sides. The great source of inspiration for developers is the book We Were Soldiers Once… and Young by Lt. Gen. Harold G. Moore, who led the soldiers of 7th Cavalry to LZ X-Ray, and war journalist Joseph L. Galloway. Whoever is interested in the true history of the events which were the source of inspiration for the game, reading these books is highly recommended.