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Lazy Galaxy 2 Steam Digital Code Global

Lazy Galaxy 2 Steam Digital Code Global

Note: This is the initial version of the original product, not a gift or expansion pack, for Windows 7 or later, macOS and SteamOS.
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Product Description

Lazy Galaxy is an idle/clicker game with base-building and RTS elements. Lead an evil (albeit lazy) alien race to conquer the universe! Expand your base, fight vicious foes, and conquer the galaxies. Acquire combat experience and convert into candy, the most precious alien resource!

You can enjoy Lazy Galaxy 2 even if you have not played Lazy Galaxy 1! The game is our attempt to improve on Lazy Galaxy 1 formula by making the base building deeper, changing the battle system, adding the custom maps to allow for more spatial conquest.

- Conquer the galaxy! Build your base, build your fleet, fight the enemies.
- Achievements matter! Unlocking in-game achievements adds permanent researches that improve the gameplay.
- Control unit abilities directly or idle it out! Micro-control is rewarded, but not necessary. You can idle out the battles or seek more active participation.
- Multiple development paths will add variety to incremental/base-building gameplay.
- Mod support: create your own campaign maps, ships, upgrades.