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LEGIONCRAFT Steam Digital Code Global

LEGIONCRAFT Steam Digital Code Global

Note: This is the initial version of the original product, not a gift package or an extension package, and supports Windows XP/Vista/7/8.
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Product Description

Unique art style and new square puzzle gameplay.
Unique art style and gameplay inspired by ancient frescoes and Tetris, the only one of its kind.

Four hundred fantasy creatures of varying personalities.
Fantastic creatures with different shapes and personalities from different realms are waiting for you to approach.

Twenty-four playable heroes with unique abilities.
Legendary heroes from six kingdoms, with careers ranging from Ranger and Great Cook to Necromancer.

Twelve lord characters with their own charms.
Gracious colleagues from the League of Observers, with you to help you in your adventures.

Over a hundred available skills and countless set combinations.
From combat skills that dramatically increase combat power to heroic skills that change the effect of runes, how to match them is up to you to discover.

Dozens of adventure campaign levels and customizable encounter levels.
Battle your way from the icy plains of the Commonwealth to the underground kingdoms of Mashmaka, pushing the limits in nightmare difficulty battles.

An original fantasy worldview containing magical lands of different races and civilizations.
Information such as the origin of the world, the history of the countries, and the racial settings can be found in the game's wiki.

Card mini-games and other entertaining ways to play for leisure and relaxation.
When you are tired of adventuring in Loslan, you can come to the club to relax and spend a lot of money at "Lucky 13".

Mod editor that allows players to modify and create game content.
Currently open for creature and skill editing, and later will be open for level editing and other features. Players can browse and download content created by other players in the STEAM Creative Workshop.