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Clean boot steps.
1.  Press [win+R], enter msconfig in the input box that appears, and press the Enter key to pop up the system configuration dialog box;
2.  Select [General], click [Selective Startup] option, and then uncheck [Load Startup Item];
3.  Select [Services], click [Hide All Microsoft Services], and then click [Disable All];
4.  Then select [Start] to find the [Open Task Manager] item and open it, click the [Start] item and click Disable;
5.  Click OK and restart the system.

Repair the Office program.
1. Click [Start] to enter the settings, enter "Control Panel" in the search box and open it, and click [Programs and Features]. Find the office program to be repaired, and click [Change];
2. Finally select the [Repair] item, click [Continue] and then click the [Online Repair] item to repair.

Note: After the repair is complete, you may need to restart your computer.