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1. Disable Device Guard. Open and run, find Device Guard in the registry, and change the default value to 0;
2. The version of the virtual machine VMware pro can be upgraded;
3. Use Hyper-V scheme. Turn off the Windows function, check whether there is Hyper-V on the computer, if so, just check it and restart; if not, install Hyper-V on the system, create a new notepad and enter the following code, and put the file name and suffix modify it to Hyper-V.cmd:
pushd "%~dp0"
dir /b %SystemRoot%\servicing\Packages\*Hyper-V*.mum >hyper-v.txt
for /f %%i in ('findstr /i. hyper-v.txt 2^>nul') do dism /online /norestart /add-package: "%SystemRoot%\servicing\Packages\%%i"
del hyper-v.txt
Dism /online /enable-feature /featurename:Microsoft-Hyper-V-All /LimitAccess /ALL
Finally, right-click to run as administrator and restart your computer.