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Greats of the Gridiron Steam Digital Code Global

Greats of the Gridiron Steam Digital Code Global

Note: This is the initial version of the original product, not a gift pack or an extension pack, for 64-bit Windows 10.
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Product Description

Greats of the Gridiron is a football simulation experience unlike any other where you need to Outdraft, Outdesign, and Outcoach other coaches from around the world if you want to win the coveted Gridiron Bowl and stake your claim to Greatness.

Pit your abilities and eye for scouting talent and strategically build your team from a pre-generated list of players, in real-time, as General Manager against other savvy coaches within your league or the AI teams.

But don’t mismanage your salary cap or you may not be able to keep your stud players. However, you can always trade players during the draft, season or offseason to make cap room – like that aging QB set for retirement… so go ahead and pull off a blockbuster trade! It’s your team to do as you wish… Just remember, if your team is getting passed all over – you may have wanted to draft that lockdown CB instead of the stud OL you coveted.

As Offensive and Defensive Coordinator, you create plays down to the finest of details. Pull your tackles on a sweep or have your QB pump fake to get the WR open.

As Head Coach, you determine when and where each play is called using the Play Call Acumen system. You determine the down, distance, score differential, and timing. You’ll also set the penalty/reward points depending on how that play does so that you don’t keep calling the same bad play over and over, as well as making sure you call the plays that are working well. You are in total control of the team.

Manage Your League
Greats of the Gridiron can be played in single game or league seasons managed by a League Commissioner. Each League Commissioner sets the rules for the league. These rules include player attribute point caps, game scheduling and numerous other options. The League Commissioner also runs the seasons and games, while coaches can sign on and watch their games (and other league games) being run.

Play Against Other Coaches
With more than a dozen teams in the default league, each with their own unique playbook, hundreds of game hours can be played in single player mode. Single player allows for a 17 game season to be played along with a playoff tournament and Championship game at the end.
Players can also form leagues with friends or coaches from around the world, online, to truly see where their drafting, design and coaching skills are and to try and win the glorious Gridiron Bowl and to see if they can truly be called a Great of the Gridiron. Using P2P connectivity, coaches can upload their teams and playbooks to a remote host for head-to-head action! Games are streamed to your favorite streaming service for the entire league to watch!