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God Eater 3 Steam Digital Code Global

God Eater 3 Steam Digital Code Global

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  • PLATFORM Steam
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Product Description

God Eater 3 is the latest entry in the God Eater series. The game was developed by BANDAI NAMCO Studios Inc. and published by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment on February 8th, 2019.

Come back to the post-apocalyptic world in which humanity is fighting a losing battle. But, thanks to the powers of the God Eaters, humanity can take down god-like monstrosities that are stalking the ruins of once great cities. Experience a narrative-driven story, gripping and memorable characters, new God Arcs and Aragami, and most importantly, adrenaline-packed action that never fails to impress!

Take advantage of new God Arcs and prove that you have what it takes to rise above this destroyed world and reclaim it from the creatures that ruined everything! Close-combat fans can enjoy the new dual-wield God Arc, "Biting Edge", as well as "Heavy Moon", an impressive two-handed moon axe which can split anything apart. Players that like ranged combat can use the "Ray Gun" God Arc to shoot foes from afar.

Thanks to Burst Arts, all of your Ground, Air, and Step attacks evolve into deadly techniques that will utterly crush any Aragami that you come across. New Dive dash attacks also give you more freedom of movement than other God Eater games did not have.

God Eater 3 also features new enemies in the form of Ash Aragami that can use powerful Devour Attacks and enter Burst Mode which gives them an insane boost in strength for a short amount of time. They are vicious foes that won't go down easily.