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GoKart - NewMexico Steam Digital Code Global

GoKart - NewMexico Steam Digital Code Global

Note: This is the initial version of the original product, not a gift or an extension, for Windows 10 and macOS.
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Product Description

Start your engines and prepare for the ultimate driving experience. Compete against the clock or up to 3 of your friends, choosing from a diverse set of stunning and challenging tracks.

Cutting edge technology provides a natural feel to the steering, bringing car vibrations and continuous gas and brake control into your hands! Furiously fast and unbelievably fun, feel the power of a cleanly simulated, realistic driving experience with razor-sharp precision, powerslides and drifts like you have never seen before!

- New cutting edge technology super simple to connect and with no calibration enables ultimate driving experience. (see instructions screenshot)
- Force feedback – vibration – when close to skidding makes you push the boundaries.
- Fun features like car horns, sunglasses, rearview camera, free-look around, and custom handmade graphics.
- Fun artistic effects add texture to play with colorful, permanent skid marks, dust clouds, tire burn smoke, fire, and backfire.
- Ten tracks, with indoor/outdoor and night racing options, provide diverse experiences with varying levels of challenge.

This is my very first Unity game. I would like to thank Evgeny Turmy for many good advice. Also, I thank numerous YouTube resources - Code Monkey, Jason Weimann, and Wlad Marhulets for the excellent book.