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GOC Royale Steam Digital Code Global

GOC Royale Steam Digital Code Global

Note: This is the initial version of the original product, not a gift package or an extension package, and supports Windows 10.
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Product Description

A Quest Mode
7 teams on one island starting at the same time. You will all start with the standard equipment. The first team to complete the mission can aspire to bring back numerous items that can be used in Arena mode.

An Arena Mode
Compete against other teams in merciless death matches and reach the top of the leaderboard. In this mode, you choose your equipment from what you have already collected.

7 playable races
Each with 3 exclusive classes and specific nerves towards a given statistic.

36 playable classes
With specificities that will greatly influence the course of the game and the behaviour of your squad.

Endless team composition
Play it balanced or go for it all. See the future, increase your vision on the map, trigger crafting phases, summon powerful monsters, heal a lot, or not at all... Compose your squad wisely!

Randomly generated islands
The islands are all unique and full of locations that will help you improve your equipment.

3 different biomes
Each with unique traps and monsters based on specific characteristics. The choice of your destinations will be crucial at the beginning of the game depending on the balance of your team.

100 unique monsters
All with different synergies that will make every fight a little more epic. The harder the fight, the more rewards will be handed out.

9 main quests
All teams receive the same main quest. Be the first to complete it and get back to your ship to win rewards back home.

Precise inventory management
Each modification should be carefully evaluated. Equipment can give you spells, stat modifiers, or even trigger reactions when you get hit. You can also create your own compositions within a game to create the deadliest combination.

A huge diversity of stuff
Collect and fight with over 1000 unique items and cast over 300 different spells. Each game will require you to be strong on particular characteristics and avoid weaknesses on others, making each game different.

An innovative turn-based combat system
In which agility will play a major role in the sequence of events. Estimate the course of the game and make the best possible combinations as a team.