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Everblade Steam Digital Code Global

Everblade Steam Digital Code Global

Note: This is the initial version of the original product, not a gift or extension package, for Windows 8.
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Product Description

Fight fearsome abominations on your quest.
Hordes of enemies and fierce bosses, ready to stop you with all their might. It takes more than hacking and slashing to win. A true hero finds the weak spot in the enemy's armor as well as their attacks.

Use an arsenal of skills and spells to defeat your enemies.
Learn new skills, unleash ancient spells, and grow as a hero.

Diverse worlds full of challenges.
- 10 intricate levels packed with hazards, enemies, and hidden treasure.
- 9 hidden bonus stages full of treasure.
- 40+ unique music tracks.

Solve tricky challenges to progress and gain treasure.
Each level has its own unique set of puzzles to challenge your senses and dexterity.