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Escape Yourself Steam Digital Code Global

Escape Yourself Steam Digital Code Global

Note: This is the initial version of the original product, not a gift package or an extension package, and supports 64-bit Windows 7/8.1/10.
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Product Description

You will take on the role of Danny Bent, a boy who wakes up in a train car.
Without memories and without knowing why he is there, he soon realizes that something strange is going on and all the passengers on the train are in great danger.
You'll have to explore each wagon and find out what's going on in order to recover their memories and save your life.
Can you solve all the puzzles? Of discovering the truth? Will you be able to escape? Accept the challenge!

- Explore the train cars and unravel the mysteries they hide.
- Story and environment engaging from beginning to end.
- Large variety of main and optional puzzles.
- Find hidden objects and solve the mind puzzles.
- Collectibles throughout the adventure.
- Genre: Graphic adventure, Escape room.
- Languages: English, Spanish.
- Players: 1.
- Developed by one person.
- Backgrounds drawn by hand.