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Entity Researchers Steam Digital Code Global

Entity Researchers Steam Digital Code Global

Note: This is the initial version of the original product, not a gift pack or an extension pack, for Windows Vista/10.
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Product Description

You just got hired by EIRI; researching and battling the Visitors, unknown entities that have invaded our world. A dark sci-fi dungeon crawling RPG with themes of exploration and survival.

- Battle: Destroy entities to gain XP, currency and items.
- Explore: Investigate procedurally generated maps for entities and items.
- Research: Discover more about the entities.
- Refine: Craft/purchase/discover new items to improve your loadout.
- Advance: Defeat bosses to receive high rarity rewards.

- Hybrid real-time/turn-based battles.
- Randomized maps.
- 90 basic entities and 60 bosses.
- 10 secret entities.
- Randomized Unique entities.